Prompt I: Undertake a comparative analysis of a topic or theme common to two texts/cultural products—one Arabic and one well-known American/Western.

Examples: Heavenly journey in al-Ma’arri and in Dante / The hero of the poor: Sirat Antar and Robin Hood.

Prompt II: Take any myth present within the Arabic texts that we have been reading (or that you read on your own) and demonstrate how it is still relevant today: how it parallels a contemporary myth or how it continues to structure our understanding of a contemporary event, individual, or situation.

Examples: Defying gender roles in 1001 Nights and today’s Western woman

Prompt III: Use any of the myths we have discussed throughout the course to write the myth of yourself, your family, your hometown, your journey, or a close friend. You can write an analytical essay that demonstrates how one of the myths helps you understand your own place in the world, or you can write a creative piece in the style of one of the writers we have read this semester.

Example: Critique of a moralistic society and Ma’arri’s Epistle of Forgiveness Ibn Battuta and your travels and encountering the ‘Other’.