Hello! Welcome to a deep dive into one aspect of the Arctic indigenous community in the Arctic: change. Through a collection of four case studies, it is apparent that the Arctic indigenous communities are faced with tremendous change, everything from temperature warming, to sea ice melting, the collapse of the sealing industry, modernization in whaling technology and declining caribou populations. Yet one aspect of this complex web of issues is even more apparent than the rest: indigenous voices are very limited in the international discussions and policy-making efforts in response to the constant change. This website presents four issues and the interconnected themes, demonstrating a need for systemic change. Also included are current policy efforts, as well as our proposal for the Arctic Council, a way to expand indigenous inclusion in discussions.

Table Of Contents:

Challenges in the Arctic: An overview of the research presented, as well as background information and a glossary

Issues and Policy Ideas: Hovering over this tab reveals the four, individual case studies and research presentations

How to Get Involved in Arctic Policy: Overview of policy efforts, organizations involved, and ways to get involved on different levels of decision making

How to Learn More: Links to specific Resources

Acknolwedgements: Citation information for continued research