Men in Space

Both male 🚀 and👱🔳 reproduce hegemonic masculinity, however, male 🚀are a product of the socialization of boys and  may act exclusively but are often not purposely so

👱🔳 are environments created with the purpose of reinforcing hegemonic masculinity through the exclusion of femininity.

The idea of the👱🔳 highlights a difference in the socialization of men and women. Women are taught to be given or welcomed into 🚀 (kitchens) where men are taught to claim 🚀 .

The existence of these👱🔳 is not a new concept but rather a new embodiment of men’s control over the home. 

Are 🚀 like off-campus houses and sports tables in dining halls, which act as exclusive homosocial 🚀, representative of👱🔳 or are they simply private 🚀 for masculine identities?


👱🔳 – mancave(s)

🚀- space(s)

Men in Porn

There have been several discussions I have read that argue that 📹💦 is not sexist, strictly because the material itself is explicitly sex. Not only have our discussion in class shown how 📹💦 is sexist in the way 👨 treat and use 📹💦, but also in the subject manner. Something we did not talk about during class, however, is that during 📹💦, the 👨’s face is almost never seen. Instead, only the 👩’s body and face are ever seen. 📹💦 is sexist even to it’s format in which 👨 can watch 👩 react to the things being done to them in porn – and I’m curious if this is not only sexist, but also homophobic as it may come from the homosocial fears to see a 👨 during sex?

Spaces everywhere

My expert question fostered discussion around hyper-masculine 🚀 and 👨👨👨 bonding. Do 🚶 have the autonomy to create hyper-masculine

spaces in any community? Should a specific space be given to the person doing the most work in the house? Maybe stay at home moms should get their

own 🚀. Should the 🗣🏡 be deemed a 🚀? 👨👨👨 bonding with 🚶 can overlap in a “💁’s space” if 🚶 want to occupy it in certain cases (i.e.

pre-games). Perhaps the 🚀 do not have to be physical. Lets take the dinner table, while the dining room is the “💁’s 🚀,” the head of the

table is for the man. So is it safe to say that 🚶 who serve as the 🗣🏡 are free to claim any 🚀 in the house as their own? I do wonder.


👨👨👨- Homo-social

🚀- space(s)

💁- women

🚶- men

🗣🏡 – head of the house


Power When Hitting The Town

It is important to remember that given the “🕶/👠” scene and the 🌇 space, both of these settings involve different expectations and cultural scripts.

The 🌇 population should not be constructed around physical appearance. Rather, it is about an individual’s talents, virtues and experiences that earned them a position.

However, when 🕶/👠 for a night, many agreed that we do so with the intent to get noticed. We go to a bar to possibly meet someone based on physical attraction…

Is that objectification? I do not think that only women worry about their physical appearance when 🕶/👠 either. There is a pressure for both genders to look “good”

when 🕶/👠 and that mutual pressure brings me to a point made: “When 🕶/👠, power isn’t real for the women, it’s a failed💪for men.” Always the case?



🌇 = Office

🕶/👠 = Going out

💪 = Masculinity

Superdads Response

Our discussion on Wednesday about the role of 👨s, especially those who occupy unconventional positions like those in our three 📄📄,

Highlighted how much of the onus of childrearing falls on 👩s. We read and discussed that, even as societal expectations for 👨s’ involvement

Change, the bulk of domestic labor still lies with 👩s. It was interesting to consider that when 👨s are in public with their children people

See it as going above and beyond, but when 👩s do the same they are received either neutrally or as somehow not doing enough. Even as trends

Of 👨s’ distance change I wonder if expectations transform too, or if their involvement will always be seen as exceeding what is required.




👨: father

👩: mother

📄📄: articles

Using Success to Define Masculinity

Instead of praising 🙌 👩, we de-feminize them and make comments about their manliness. 👩 must work twice as hard to be 🙌.👨 get promoted easier/faster than 👩 for the same jobs! Shouldn’t an individual’s work content/ethic be all that matters? There will always be competition, winning/losing, and domination in the workplace. I believe the issue isn’t within the workplace, but rather in that we associate these traits with 🕵. There are insanely 🙌 👩 in all industries, so why are we stuck? Yes, the workplace has been constructed by 👨, but isn’t the bigger issue that society uses 🙌 in the workplace to define 🕵? Because right now, society uses the words 👨 and 🙌 to define eachother. How can this change?

success/successful = 🙌

women = 👩

men/man = 👨

masculinity = 🕵

Can Porn be Empowering?

The discussion that evolved from my expert question concerned a 👩’s agency vs. perceived agency. Is personal autonomy real if it depends on your subordination?

How can this effect a 👩’s relationship with 👨 and with 🖥? We also discussed 🗽 and 🖥. Can 🖥 or sex work be 💪? People were divided. I …

think that as a profession one consents to, it can be 💪. There are examples (The Netherlands, for one) that show how sex work can be predominately successful

and have a place within the economy. But, historically sex work was among few jobs available to low income, cis 👩 of 🏽 and trans 👩 of 🏽.

I was left questioning, what do we culturally deem as “💪”? Perhaps we are looking at this from a narrow, Western lens of liberation…



👩 – woman

👨 – men

🗽 – liberation

🖥 – porn

💪 – empowering

🏽 – color

Ever Present Androcentrism

It’s an interesting paradox the way in which homosociality & hegemonic masculinity operate to place 👩 on a moral pedestal so that even the idea of abstinence is not a

two-way street, but rather very male dominated. 👩 are normalized to be celibate, while the masculine project of heterosexuality is constrained by abstinence, but 👨

still protect and regulate 👩s sexuality. 👨 dually occupy the role of protector and predator. Are 👩 always in male possession? This seems to be constantly perpetuated, even

maintaining heterosexuality through discourse rather than practice; reaffirming hegemonic masculinity becomes discursive.



👩 – Women

👨 – Men


Men and Porn

What were 👴🏼 like before the💻?

❌❌❌ lets 👴🏼 fake their wildest dreams every night, for no (clearly visible)cost… When you look closer though, there are extreme effects of 👴🏼’s ❌❌❌ obsession. And the addiction only gets worse, as popular ❌❌❌ becomes more and more depraved. Why is this so? Is it a desensitization, or a corruption?

If our 👴🏼 are becoming desensitized to ❌❌❌, how does that effect their 💦 lives? Even the most extreme 💦 films are not enough for some.

If 👴🏼 are becoming corrupted, how can we ignore the link between violent tendencies in ❌❌❌ and an expectation of 👵🏽💦 submissiveness that hegemonic 👴🏼 seem to have? Especially considering the inadequate 💦-ed in our schools… how can we expect our 👦🏽 to learn anything else?









If 👦🏽 are taught to believe in a binary society their whole lives… that👴🏼❤️ 👵🏽 and 👵🏽 ❤️ 👴🏼… if not explicitly than implicitly…. When/how do they learn that other kinds of ❤️ flow in so many other ways? 

Especially when you think about the power of 👴🏼 loving other 👴🏼….

👴🏼 validate 👴🏼 to form the guidelines of the male gender — then isn’t a 👴🏼’s love most important of all to masculinity?

Do bros ❤️ their bros more than they ❤️ their girlfriends? It sure explains the ‘bro code’…