EVALUATION                                                                                                                                                Your final grade will be determined as follows:

Attendance and Informed Participation                                                                       5% of final grade Expert (Discussion, Reflection, and Response)                                                          25% of final grade Midterm Essay (due Friday, October 27 and Wednesday, November 22)       30% of final grade “Masculinities in the Age of Trump” Podcast (due 5 p.m. December 16, 2017) 40% of final grade

Attendance and Informed Participation                                                              5% of final grade

Attendance will be taken for each class and is mandatory.   Students who are unable to attend class must notify me in advance and in writing.  More than two absences will negatively impact your grade in the course.  The only exceptions to the two-absence limit are religious holidays, serious family emergencies, and documented illnesses.

Students are required to complete all assigned readings and come to class actively prepared to critically and analytically engage the material.  Informed participation includes making connections between our readings, discussions, and relevant current events; taking an active part in in-class exercises (when applicable), and asking thoughtful questions about readings and lectures.  Successful participation in this course depends on both the frequency and quality of a student’s contribution to in-class discussions.  This does not necessarily mean always providing the right answers, but rather demonstrating an active engagement with the course material and the in-class discussion.

Pop Quizzes:  I reserve the right to administer random “pop quizzes” throughout the semester to ensure that you are keeping up with the reading.  These “pop quizzes” will figure into your participation grade.

“The Expert”                                                                                                 25% of final grade total

Discussion Questions (due by noon the day before class)                                      5% of final grade  “Reclaiming My Tweet” Reflection                         10% of final grade each; 20% of final grade total  “Reclaiming My Tweet” Responses                                                                               5% of final grade

To facilitate our discussions, each student will sign up for two classes during the semester in which s/he/they will be “the expert.”  For the classes you select as “the expert,” you are responsible for the following:

You will draft one discussion questions based on the readings for that particular class. Questions should extend beyond basic “comprehension questions,” tying specific aspects of the reading to dominant themes for that particular class.  You can also draft questions that compare readings to previous discussions in class.  The readings should be emailed to Professor Greene ( by noon the day before your assigned class in order that your questions can be posted on the course website and added to the lecture slides.  Additionally, you may also be called upon during our discussion to offer commentary about the readings for that particular day.

“Reclaiming My Tweet”: Within a week of your assigned “Expert” Day, you are to post a reflection on the course’s website ( by using no more than five “Tweets” (140 characters per tweet; 700 characters maximum). The goal of these tweets is not merely to summarize readings or discussion, but rather to think about any lingering questions that the material raises for you, or to consider ideas presented in class or in the readings that merit further consideration.  You are also welcome to situate the readings for your day in conversation with other theories or empirical studies we have explored in the class.

“Reclaiming My Tweet” Responses: Over the course of the semester, you are required to respond to three “Reclaiming my Tweet” Reflections in no more than two “Tweets” (140 characters per tweet; 280 characters maximum).

Midterm Papers                                                                                            30% of final grade total  

Midterm Paper 1 (due Friday, October 27)                                                15% of final grade  Midterm Paper 2 (due Wednesday, November 22)                                 15% of final grade

You will write one 4 to 6-page midterm paper, answering a question provided one week in advance of your paper’s due date (no later than Friday, October 13 and Friday, November 10).  Papers are designed to demonstrate your comprehension of the course material and will likely require you to engage multiple theories simultaneously.

Please note that the second Midterm carries an automatic extension to 5 pm on Friday, November 24.  

Final Project: “Masculinities in the Age of Trump” Podcast               40% of final grade total 

Prospectus  (due Friday, September 29)                                                                 5% of final grade  Script/Outline  (due Friday, December 1)                                                                5% of final grade Podcast (due Saturday, December 16)                                                                  20% of final grade Reflection (and Evaluation) (due Saturday, December 16)                                10% of final grade

What can you illuminate about the state of masculinities in the Era of Donald Trump?

For your final assignment, you will collaborate with your classmates (no more than 3 students) to develop, record, and edit a 10 – 15-minute podcast on an aspect of Masculinities that exemplifies a central issue or challenge in understanding contemporary masculinities.  This assignment will be conducted in four parts:

Prospectus (due Friday, September 29)                                                          5% of the final grade

By 5 pm on Friday, September 29, your group will submit via email ( a 3 – 5-page prospectus of the topic you would like to pursue.  You are welcome to select any social phenomenon that involves masculinities in the social world.  It can be political, economic, or cultural; it can be a current event (something that has happened in the last 2 years) or a recent trend (you are also welcome to consider the evolution of a trend into its current form).  The prospectus should provide a brief description of the phenomenon you will be investigating, the population affected by the phenomenon, the method of data collection you will pursue to research the phenomenon (i.e. interviews, surveys, archival research).  It should also provide a reflection on how it answers the project’s guiding question – what does your phenomenon illuminate about the state of masculinities in the Era of Donald Trump? 

Script/Outline (due Friday, December 1)                                                        5% of the final grade

Although podcasts sound like informal conversations, the reality is that most of them are carefully rehearsed and edited.  By 5 pm on Friday, December 1, your group will submit via email ( a loose script or outline, which includes the major ideas and points that will be discussed during the conversation, the evidence that will be included to support your argument/idea.  Your podcast should also draw on material from the course (at least three readings) that help illuminate the phenomenon you are investigating.  When crafting your script, there should be a clear indication of how each member of the group will contribute to the conversation.

Podcast    (due by 5 p.m., Saturday, December 16)                                  20% of the final grade

 With the help of the H-L Library’s Media Commons, you will record and edit your podcast.

Critical Reflection (and Evaluation)  [Individual Component]               15% of the final grade

After recording and editing your podcast, each of you will write a 3 – 5-page reflection paper that considers how podcasting compares and contrasts to writing a traditional paper.  What are the benefits/drawbacks of using a mass medium like a podcast?  What aspects of the argument are amplified/lost in using this medium?  What questions or issues remain unexplored?  Your reflection should include a one-page evaluation of your peers’ contribution to the project.  More detailed instructions to follow.

Podcasts will be graded on organization, strength of argument, creativity and originality, and quality.  (More explicit rubric will follow).

By 5 p.m. on Saturday, December 16, a representative from your group should send me an email which includes the podcast file and a revised script/outline of your conversation.  By the same deadline, each of you should email me individually with your critical reflection and your assessment of your peer’s contributions.