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More privilege here more privilege there

??? is a term that gets thrown around daily which makes me think, are there different types of ???. Does ??? come in a multitude of pockets? My question challenges the concept of ??? in the trans community. I personally don’t think that the stigmas around ?   versus ?? people are identical in any set fashion. Actually, naturally ?? people are more ???. Why? Well, because we live in a heteronormative world. However, just as ? are more privileged than ?, trans ? too hold a greater amount of ??? than trans ?. The concept that I challenge is the notion of trans ? holding more ??? than trans ? in any sense.


???   Privilege

?   Men

?   Women

??   cis-gendered

?   trans people

Spaces everywhere

My expert question fostered discussion around hyper-masculine ? and ??? bonding. Do ? have the autonomy to create hyper-masculine

spaces in any community? Should a specific space be given to the person doing the most work in the house? Maybe stay at home moms should get their

own ?. Should the ?? be deemed a ?? ??? bonding with ? can overlap in a “?’s space” if ? want to occupy it in certain cases (i.e.

pre-games). Perhaps the ? do not have to be physical. Lets take the dinner table, while the dining room is the “?’s ?,” the head of the

table is for the man. So is it safe to say that ? who serve as the ?? are free to claim any ? in the house as their own? I do wonder.


???- Homo-social

?- space(s)

?- women

?- men

?? – head of the house