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Further Reflection on Aging and Disabled Masculinities

During the ? dinner I attended I observed three ? at different stages in their lives, but all of whom, unsurprisingly, felt impotent in some way– whether it was regarding marriage, work, or health. Shuttleworth outlines the❓ of ♿ masculinity and three primary strategies men use to exist within its limits: 1. reliance on??, 2. ? of what?? means, or 3. ⛔ of??outright. Do we see any of these strategies employed by the men in the Slevin piece? How might these same tactics (or a combination of them) be used by ? or others experiencing a challenge to their masculinity? Do these strategies change with age? Can anyone ever fully ⛔ the internalized standards of ??? Can they ⛔ ?? while still benefitting from its privileges, or is that just hybrid masculinity?

? = Thanksgiving

? = aging men

♿ = disabled

❓ = dilemma

?? = hegemonic masculinity (it’s a hedge!)

? = reformulation

⛔ = rejection/reject

Reimagining Stereotypes in Pornography

After class on Wednesday, I was thinking more about the way that ?? are affirmed through??, i.e. that Asian women are submissive, that black men are hypersexual, and that in general, all women want sex all the time. What is it about the conditions of modern?? that makes it such a ripe space for these ?? to be perpetuated? I think it probably has to do with the fact that we exist in an age of instant?. So if ? serve as??’s instant ?, they must rely on quick visual?—? that are faster and more “successful” when they rely on the language of ??. Often in sociology, I find myself poking holes in everything, without imagining an alternative.?? isn’t going away any time soon, nor is it monolithically “bad”. So how could we redefine new kinds of eroticism (and more generally, beauty) through?? that do not rely on such ???

??= stereotypes, generalizations (just imagine that the radio emoji is a stereo)

??= pornography


?= masturbation and orgasm

?= connections