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Further Reflection on Aging and Disabled Masculinities

During the 🦃 dinner I attended I observed three 👴 at different stages in their lives, but all of whom, unsurprisingly, felt impotent in some way– whether it was regarding marriage, work, or health. Shuttleworth outlines the❓ of ♿ masculinity and three primary strategies men use to exist within its limits: 1. reliance on🌳👨, 2. 🏗 of what🌳👨 means, or 3. ⛔ of🌳👨outright. Do we see any of these strategies employed by the men in the Slevin piece? How might these same tactics (or a combination of them) be used by 👴 or others experiencing a challenge to their masculinity? Do these strategies change with age? Can anyone ever fully ⛔ the internalized standards of 🌳👨? Can they ⛔ 🌳👨 while still benefitting from its privileges, or is that just hybrid masculinity?

🦃 = Thanksgiving

👴 = aging men

♿ = disabled

❓ = dilemma

🌳👨 = hegemonic masculinity (it’s a hedge!)

🏗 = reformulation

⛔ = rejection/reject

Reimagining Stereotypes in Pornography

After class on Wednesday, I was thinking more about the way that 💭📻 are affirmed through👅📺, i.e. that Asian women are submissive, that black men are hypersexual, and that in general, all women want sex all the time. What is it about the conditions of modern👅📺 that makes it such a ripe space for these 💭📻 to be perpetuated? I think it probably has to do with the fact that we exist in an age of instant👍. So if 👌 serve as👅📺’s instant 👍, they must rely on quick visual💥—💥 that are faster and more “successful” when they rely on the language of 💭📻. Often in sociology, I find myself poking holes in everything, without imagining an alternative.👅📺 isn’t going away any time soon, nor is it monolithically “bad”. So how could we redefine new kinds of eroticism (and more generally, beauty) through👅📺 that do not rely on such 💭📻?

💭📻= stereotypes, generalizations (just imagine that the radio emoji is a stereo)

👅📺= pornography


👌= masturbation and orgasm

💥= connections