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SOC 3010 Proposal

Harrison Dunne-Polite

Research proposal:


So far this semester we have looked at how neoliberalism is implemented in the United States, its tangible impacts on US communities, and various critiques of the ideology. Of particular interest to me is the core function of fear in rationalizing and developing neoliberal principles. Before any the suppression of rebellions in Detroit or Attica, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, colonization, or any other historic event that was either inspired by or connected to the development of neoliberalism there was fear. Everything that followed afterward is action driven by a type of fear. In my research this semester I hope to investigate the connection between Thomas Hobbes pessimism and American Neoliberalism. I will start by investigate Hobbes works and then drawing a timeline from the expansion of Western political thought to the development of Neoliberalism and the Neoliberal state

Sports as a Generator of Hypermasculinity

? can be positive role models for young athletes; they are “? parents.” They do their best to help guide players through the game, providing both strategy and emotional support/advice for their teams. However, ? main goal is to win. In order to do so they often push onto their?a “win at (almost) all coast” mentality. Sometimes this comes out as playing dirty other times as aspiring for domination. But the? don’t always emphasize a on the? mentality vs an off-the-? mentality. In fact,? are often encouraged to apply their “game modes” to the working world. At times this seems to become confusing as ? have proven they too deeply internalize these values.

Moving forward, ? need to employ methods to separate the way people are on the ?  and off it. What might be constructive in one context (i.e., in game) can be harmful in another (domination complex). ? need to make learning about how to be off the ? as much of a part of their job as on it.


Or do these ideas need to change all together?

?= Field

?= Coaches

?= Player/Athlete