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Sports as a Generator of Hypermasculinity

😎 can be positive role models for young athletes; they are “🌲 parents.” They do their best to help guide players through the game, providing both strategy and emotional support/advice for their teams. However, 😎 main goal is to win. In order to do so they often push onto their🏃a “win at (almost) all coast” mentality. Sometimes this comes out as playing dirty other times as aspiring for domination. But the😎 don’t always emphasize a on the🌲 mentality vs an off-the-🌲 mentality. In fact,🏃 are often encouraged to apply their “game modes” to the working world. At times this seems to become confusing as 🏃 have proven they too deeply internalize these values.

Moving forward, 😎 need to employ methods to separate the way people are on the 🌲  and off it. What might be constructive in one context (i.e., in game) can be harmful in another (domination complex). 😎 need to make learning about how to be off the 🌲 as much of a part of their job as on it.


Or do these ideas need to change all together?

🌲= Field

😎= Coaches

🏃= Player/Athlete