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Superdads Response

Our discussion on Wednesday about the role of 👨s, especially those who occupy unconventional positions like those in our three 📄📄,

Highlighted how much of the onus of childrearing falls on 👩s. We read and discussed that, even as societal expectations for 👨s’ involvement

Change, the bulk of domestic labor still lies with 👩s. It was interesting to consider that when 👨s are in public with their children people

See it as going above and beyond, but when 👩s do the same they are received either neutrally or as somehow not doing enough. Even as trends

Of 👨s’ distance change I wonder if expectations transform too, or if their involvement will always be seen as exceeding what is required.




👨: father

👩: mother

📄📄: articles

Subverting Hegemonic Masculinities Reponse

Our 🗣 made me 🤔 about the ❗️ of the mutual misrecognition between the 👦 in our readings and 👮. Their views on 💪 are not compatible, and 👮

Often do not recognize 🚧 to 💼, which ➕ tension to their 👥. In their fight for dignity, the 👦 create conflicting authorities with 👮, causing

Aggression and reinforcing stigmas. Our 🗣 also 👉 on the effects of the 👦’ rebellion. Is it 🔝 resistance? How can they effectively 👊 ⬇️-🌱

Institutional issues? How do 🙋‍♂️ moves for dignity connect to larger social change? Rios ✍️ how a good amount of the 👦 joined in activist

Efforts. Is this the most effective way to make changes back🏠? Our 🗣 🏊 into many of the issues that 🚹 in between the 👦 and ⚖️ treatment.




🗣: Class discussion     🤔: Think     ❗️: Significance     👦: Young men     👮: The police     💪: Masculinity     🚧: Barriers     💼: Conventional success     ➕: Adds     👥: Relationship     👉: Touched     🔝: Surface-level     👊: Combat     ⬇️-🌱: Deep-rooted     🙋‍♂️: Individual     ✍️: Writes about     🏠: Home     🏊: Delved     🚹: Stand     ⚖️: Fair