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Superdads Response

Our discussion on Wednesday about the role of ?s, especially those who occupy unconventional positions like those in our three ??,

Highlighted how much of the onus of childrearing falls on ?s. We read and discussed that, even as societal expectations for ?s’ involvement

Change, the bulk of domestic labor still lies with ?s. It was interesting to consider that when ?s are in public with their children people

See it as going above and beyond, but when ?s do the same they are received either neutrally or as somehow not doing enough. Even as trends

Of ?s’ distance change I wonder if expectations transform too, or if their involvement will always be seen as exceeding what is required.




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Subverting Hegemonic Masculinities Reponse

Our ? made me ? about the ❗️ of the mutual misrecognition between the ? in our readings and ?. Their views on ? are not compatible, and ?

Often do not recognize ? to ?, which ➕ tension to their ?. In their fight for dignity, the ? create conflicting authorities with ?, causing

Aggression and reinforcing stigmas. Our ? also ? on the effects of the ?’ rebellion. Is it ? resistance? How can they effectively ? ⬇️-?

Institutional issues? How do ?‍♂️ moves for dignity connect to larger social change? Rios ✍️ how a good amount of the ? joined in activist

Efforts. Is this the most effective way to make changes back?? Our ? ? into many of the issues that ? in between the ? and ⚖️ treatment.




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