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Psychology or Sociology of Men Causing Violence

When discussing,?? we continued to question why ? are the perpetrators of these crimes rather than women, we debated over between the ? approach or societal influences like ☠ masculinity.

Everyone is influenced by ☠ masculinity- this is something all ? expierence.  ? may explain the actual performative act of violence. It becomes about actually seeking vengeance instead of just desiring it.



?? – School shooting

? – Men

? – Mental Illness

☠ – Toxic

“Correct” Construction of Mancaves

Mancaves come in all ⚫⬛ and ?? yet seem to be an active reflection of what men ???. Some men grow beans, some men ?, and some men play video games. Is this still ? based? How may certain contexts change the way in which men demonstrate mancave construction?

Does society ???  certain behavior within mancaves more than others? Or does “everything go” in a mancave? Are some constructions of mancaves more inclusive of women than others?



⚫⬛ – Shapes

?? – sizes

??? – Value

? – Performance

?-Cut hair