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Merits in the MRA Movement?

After reading about the Men’s Rights movements, I decided to look at some MRA webpages. I found one blog written by a woman who was a Men’s Rights Activists. She describes worries about false rape accusations, the breakdown of the family, and the unfair judgment that Nazis face. Overall, she speaks out against feminism, saying that feminism belittles women and treats them as perpetual victims. What does it mean that women are a part of the Men’s Rights movement? What does it mean that women feel attacked by feminism or feel that feminism steals agency from them? Might some of the arguments by MRA groups actually be effective in liberating all people?

Thinking about Demobilizing Rape

  1. If rape is considered gendered dominance, then anything that promotes “?=?” also promotes rape culture, such as the Mile in ? and My ? campaign, as well as things like ? and locker room ?

2) We spend so much ? thinking about how things don’t work and the negative aspects of movements but less ?thinking about how we could create more effective movements.

3) I wonder how much things that subvert the common narrative and promote “?= ?” demobilize rape.

4) Maybe effective rape prevention are smaller things, like showing women with powerful jobs, teaching all children about bodily autonomy, etc

4) There is a lot of power in any message, so it is important to think critically about how/how not campaigns/actions/words mobilize or demobilize rape.


? = men

? = strong/strength

? = her shoes

? = shrimping

? = talk

? = time

? = women