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Resistance Identities

This class made me ? about ?, agency, and social order. Can resistance identities/hybrid? be understood as withdrawal of consent/refusal to

participate in an unfair system if they also perpetuate that system by reproducing themselves as working class? Wouldn’t these ? also thrive

if they succeeded in producing assimilated and docile bodies? What does this mean for the boys’ resistance? Is it valuable for rejecting the

legitimacy of the ? of control that pervade their lives? The humor of dummy smart at least subverts the logic of the system.

We also seemed to equate? & dignity today. I wonder if we can interrogate that association. Are there routes 2 dignity that don’t claim a ??

Key: ?=think ?=masculinity ?=institutions

Desi Hoop Dreams Response

The desi men in the piece are drawing on American culture to render their identities visible/recognizable to others. These symbols force

recognition of the American identity/existence of desi men, but rely on images and performances from America’s racist culture. Ultimately,

all of our identities face similar cultural limitations. Claiming masculinity may assert the value of the ?/? who makes the claim, but if we

accept that masculinity is built on hierarchy within & across ? (whether representing hegemonic, subordinate, etc), it seems that

masculinity is inherently oppressive. Can we ? a masculinity that doesn’t draw on racist/misogynist projects? Would we see it as masculine?


? = person ?= group/groups of people ?=envision