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Violent Acts

Violence is a way for men who do not fit inside the man box to reclaim their masculinity, however, violence is not always seen as masculine.

Violence in mass shootings and cases of sexual assault are seen as invalid claims on masculinity by greater society but act to validate the individual and make them feel masculine/powerful.

Hegemonic masculinity exists through the subordination of others, but why are some acts of violence validated as masculine and others are not.

When is violence okay and when does it go too far? Who does it have to harm for society to care?

Men in Space

Both male ? and?? reproduce hegemonic masculinity, however, male ?are a product of the socialization of boys and  may act exclusively but are often not purposely so

?? are environments created with the purpose of reinforcing hegemonic masculinity through the exclusion of femininity.

The idea of the?? highlights a difference in the socialization of men and women. Women are taught to be given or welcomed into ? (kitchens) where men are taught to claim ? .

The existence of these?? is not a new concept but rather a new embodiment of men’s control over the home. 

Are ? like off-campus houses and sports tables in dining halls, which act as exclusive homosocial ?, representative of?? or are they simply private ? for masculine identities?


?? – mancave(s)

?- space(s)