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Sports Masculinity Follow-Up

Our ? brought up the fact that ? monopolizes ?, thus ? are associated with ?. This lead us to reflect on the ways that ? like Kendrick Lamar are not recognized as?. Media like Fox News will report on him as if he were a delinquent because he shows disapproval of the police. How do we combat these unfair portrayals of ? of ?? Men of ? that are physically ? are more easily accepted in society. Would it be productive to take the spotlight away from these ?men? How do we bring a balance to masculinities of ?, so that ? of ? are not associated with ?? How is ? able to monopolize ? if there are HBCUs and minorities are graduating from college at an increasing rate.


?- Class discussion

?- whiteness

?- intellectuals

?- color

?- violent

HBCU- Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Desi Hoop Dreams Tweet Reclaim

The desi ball ? ? brought up lots of questions on how to classify the type of masculinity the South Asian? displayed. It seems like a big part of the ? they try to construct through ? is impacted by their representation as model minorities. Are they trying to add on to their representation or challenge it entirely? In the ? there are cases of the? putting each other on a black-white spectrum. Is their classification of each other subverting or enforcing their stereotyped ?? How does teasing the Eastern Asian? as ? subvert or enforce their stereotyped ?? How would putting down people that are too un-American help their perception of their own ?.


? = player(s)

?= reading

?= masculinity

?= basketball



Dominating other men is a strong statement of masculinity. In the case of today’s reading the act of crossing-over, dunking on, and blocking other players gave the individual player dominance on the court that was celebrated by everyone in the space. The greatest moments in sports are displays of one man dominating the other. In the reading we see that the players that are remembered are the ones that scored, not the ones that contributed in other ways. What is it about dominating other men that allows any individual to appeal to any form of masculinity whether it be hegemonic, marginalized, or hybrid? Is there a masculinity that this aspect of competition does not appeal to?

AI steps over Lue

Muhammad Ali dodging punches