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Men’s Rights Movements

The class had a strong opinion in the arguments presented by the men’s right campaign as we saw on Wednesday. Although we didn’t get to my question, I thought it was very interested to see how this group felt about the unfairness in a nightlife space where ladies were free on certain nights. This is a trend that I have experienced and has proven to be systemic in other communities other than my own starting from the age of 13.

At home, kids, teenagers and young adults will rent out American Legion halls and Firefighter Club spaces to recreate this type of environment where we see that girls and ladies either come in for free before a certain time or at a discounted price. Also, in these spaces men tend to buy drinks for women in order to flaunt their wealth and come off as attractive or appealing. Some of these men expressed this as being put at a disadvantage and gives the women the upper hand in determining how the night goes.

To refocus this idea and pose a question about how we operate as a college, how does the power that is equalized by the absence of fees for admission and drinks for women in order to impress them change the power dynamic of a typical party, college house or otherwise, at Bowdoin College?

In class, we talked a lot about how ? and other athletes push their bodies to and past the limit, and in most cases end up harming themselves. How do we internalize an individual’s autonomy and tell them that they can’t participate in an activity that they love because of the pain they could endure? What pressures do the principles of  ✊ place on ? to show strength and a lack of vulnerability?

?= football players


✊=hegemonic masculinity