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Power When Hitting The Town

It is important to remember that given the “?/?” scene and the ? space, both of these settings involve different expectations and cultural scripts.

The ? population should not be constructed around physical appearance. Rather, it is about an individual’s talents, virtues and experiences that earned them a position.

However, when ?/? for a night, many agreed that we do so with the intent to get noticed. We go to a bar to possibly meet someone based on physical attraction…

Is that objectification? I do not think that only women worry about their physical appearance when ?/? either. There is a pressure for both genders to look “good”

when ?/? and that mutual pressure brings me to a point made: “When ?/?, power isn’t real for the women, it’s a failed?for men.” Always the case?



? = Office

?/? = Going out

? = Masculinity

A Parent’s Responsibility to “create their boys”

We discussed the fact that despite increased understandings of gender fluidity, we continue to socialize children in a rigid, two-sex system

Kane showed us examples of ? and ?/? parents steering their young boys away from ?

It was established that in society today, gay men have to prove themselves as “good enough parents,” but how are they supposed to do that?

While a ? father said he would feel like a failure if his son turned out to be gay, a ?/? father actively steered his son

Away from certain ?/actions of femininity. As a gay father, how does one navigate this terrain of a homophobic society while being proud of their own identity?



? = Heterosexual

?/? = Homosexual

? = Icons of Femininity