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Male Victimhood’s Impact on Feminism

As Kimmel says, the ???↗↗↗ often views college campuses and classes as being dominated by the toxic religion of ???.  They specifically focus on how ??? in classes and social settings  “further marginalizes” men.  With this ??? ↗↗↗ competing with ???, how do these ideas impact ??? today?

Do they force ???to justify it’s existence/validity and distract from it’s goals? Does this ↗↗↗ push ??? to play into the politics of respectability and neglect the major issues at hand?

Or do they make ??? seem more important and obviously necessary to people who might not otherwise feel that way?  Also, do ↗↗↗ like the pro-feminist ↗↗↗ push??? to think more about important issues (like the impact of the gender binary on cis-men or trans people)?


Male victim = ???

Feminism = ???

Movement = ↗↗↗

The Impact of Tech Industry Masculinities

Several weeks ago, we talked about how Cooper thinks about ??? in the ??. She mentions how many of the ?? men interviewed were victimized by ??? earlier in their lives. In my question, I thought about the relationship between their ??? and ???. In class, we talked about the way those ?? ???, like those practiced by Mark Zuckerberg, are different from and similar to ???. We talked about the limited power that these men give to their wives, but the ways in which they are widely praised for their pursuit of ???.  In this way, the low standards that women and society at large creates for ??? leads to the creation of a system where men are praised heavily for their pursuit of ???, even if they don’t show a strong commitment to the cause. With this in mind, are these ?? ??? more of a step towards ???, or a threat to it?


Tech industry = ??

Hegemonic masculinity = ???

Masculinities =???

Gender equality = ???