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Men in Porn

There have been several discussions I have read that argue that ?? is not sexist, strictly because the material itself is explicitly sex. Not only have our discussion in class shown how ?? is sexist in the way ? treat and use ??, but also in the subject manner. Something we did not talk about during class, however, is that during ??, the ?’s face is almost never seen. Instead, only the ?’s body and face are ever seen. ?? is sexist even to it’s format in which ? can watch ? react to the things being done to them in porn – and I’m curious if this is not only sexist, but also homophobic as it may come from the homosocial fears to see a ? during sex?

Female Masculinity

“It is remarkably easy in this society not to look like a woman. It is relatively difficult, by comparison, not to look like a man” -Adams et. al. I feel this sentence ? with the discussion of ?? in which, what does it mean to ? ?? From the readings, when a ?? is ? and ?, as long as she is ?, there isn’t much question that she’s ? and a ? through these compensatory acts of ?. However, when a ?? is ? and ? (and also ?), such as Serena Williams, there are ?? about how she is so ? that it is ? as a ? to find her ? (??). The ? of ?? distorts itself to be able to apply homophobia against ?? to a ???? in a society where ?? are hypersexualized.


?: resonates; ??; female masculinity; ?: masculine; ? and ?: strong and athletic,  ?: traditionally feminine; ?: straight; ?: incredible/amazing; ??: people talking shit; ?: gay; ?: attractive; ?: toxicity; ??: hegemonic masculinity; ??: gay men