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Men in Porn

There have been several discussions I have read that argue that 📹💦 is not sexist, strictly because the material itself is explicitly sex. Not only have our discussion in class shown how 📹💦 is sexist in the way 👨 treat and use 📹💦, but also in the subject manner. Something we did not talk about during class, however, is that during 📹💦, the 👨’s face is almost never seen. Instead, only the 👩’s body and face are ever seen. 📹💦 is sexist even to it’s format in which 👨 can watch 👩 react to the things being done to them in porn – and I’m curious if this is not only sexist, but also homophobic as it may come from the homosocial fears to see a 👨 during sex?

Female Masculinity

“It is remarkably easy in this society not to look like a woman. It is relatively difficult, by comparison, not to look like a man” -Adams et. al. I feel this sentence 📡 with the discussion of 👩👔 in which, what does it mean to 👀 👔? From the readings, when a 🏻👩 is 💪 and 🏋, as long as she is 💅, there isn’t much question that she’s 👫 and a 👩 through these compensatory acts of 💅. However, when a 🏿👩 is 💪 and 🏋 (and also 🎆), such as Serena Williams, there are 🗣💩 about how she is so 👔 that it is 👬 as a 👨 to find her 😍 (😤😒). The 😷 of 💪👨 distorts itself to be able to apply homophobia against 👬👨 to a 💪🎆🏿👩 in a society where 🏿👩 are hypersexualized.


📡: resonates; 👩👔; female masculinity; 👔: masculine; 💪 and 🏋: strong and athletic,  💅: traditionally feminine; 👫: straight; 🎆: incredible/amazing; 🗣💩: people talking shit; 👬: gay; 😍: attractive; 😷: toxicity; 💪👨: hegemonic masculinity; 👬👨: gay men