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Hybrid and Inclusive Masculinities Reflection

A difficult discussion yesterday.   But it does force us to ? about how deceptively complicated inclusive and hybrid masculinities are.

How do ?? challenge ?, ?, & ? oppression if their participation also reproduces hegemonic masculinity?  Must masculinity always depend on ??

It seems we want ??to participate by taking ???and ?.  That seems to undermine the cause of  = .  The point of  ?? inequality is to show

that our struggles are tied together.  If that is true, then ??have a place in the movement 2.  We should not ? them right out, or try to

shut them down. That only shows how complicit we are in perpetuating the same hegemonic masculinities we want to ultimately dismantle. ??



? = think   ? = racial   ?  = sexual    ? = power  ??? = several seats   ?= stay silent/silence ?? = challenging  ? = Professor Greene’s trademark emoji (?)

“Reclaiming My Tweet” Assignment

Ok, so it doesn’t have the look of a real tweet, but the principle is the same.  You’ve got 700 characters to ? on issues from class.

Emojis and abbrevs ? if they make sense to your tweet.  I grade you on quality of ideas & synthesis of ?s.   ?es count in characters.

The goal is to spark conversation on challenging ideas using the media of today’s masses.  No need to be exhaustive.  Just provoke and be succinct.

You can create a key at the end of your tweets to indicate what some emojis mean.  They don’t count in your character count.

You only get two tweets to comment.  Same principles.  Let’s see if I can try one.




?s = ideas     ?es = character spaces