🚹 engage in 👬 relations as a central part to their 💪 which may seem counterintuitive to how we typically consider 🚹 as focusing on 🚺.

Is “girl hunting” really focused on hooking up 🚺 or is it just another activity that 🚹 can bond over? How central are 🚺 to this activity?

Regardless of how 🚺 react to being “hunted,” 🚹 bond over the activity and as a result have a heightened sense of 💪.

The way 🚹 act towards 🚺―both ignoring them and objectifying them―are central to 👬 relations and reproduce systems of ⚖.  

Male-dominated spaces allow 🚹 to strengthen their sense of 💪. Why is there no fear of 👥 in these spaces?


👬 – homosocial

💪 – masculinity

🚹 – men

🚺 – women

⚖ – inequality

👥 – homophobia

2 thoughts on “Bromance

  1. santunez

    I think the reason there’s no fear of homophobia is because in these homosocial situations, men are assumed to be bonding over the pursuit of women & are assumed to be straight. I also think “girl hunting” is focused on “hooking up” as we see the way in which men compare the # of girls they have “hooked up” with as a sort of status indicator.

  2. saguerri

    I think because there has already been a foundation placed that generally categorizes these men as already being heterosexual through the experiences that they’ve shared, it allows them to not have to worry about potential physical attraction from other men in homosocial spaces. I wouldn’t, however, say there is no fear, because men still use phrases like “no homo”/ “pause” to separate themselves from homosexual connotations.

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