Male Victimhood’s Impact on Feminism

As Kimmel says, the 😣😣😣↗↗↗ often views college campuses and classes as being dominated by the toxic religion of 👫👫👫.  They specifically focus on how 👫👫👫 in classes and social settings  “further marginalizes” men.  With this 😣😣😣 ↗↗↗ competing with 👫👫👫, how do these ideas impact 👫👫👫 today?

Do they force 👫👫👫to justify it’s existence/validity and distract from it’s goals? Does this ↗↗↗ push 👫👫👫 to play into the politics of respectability and neglect the major issues at hand?

Or do they make 👫👫👫 seem more important and obviously necessary to people who might not otherwise feel that way?  Also, do ↗↗↗ like the pro-feminist ↗↗↗ push👫👫👫 to think more about important issues (like the impact of the gender binary on cis-men or trans people)?


Male victim = 😣😣😣

Feminism = 👫👫👫

Movement = ↗↗↗

1 thought on “Male Victimhood’s Impact on Feminism

  1. ocastro

    Men’s Rights Movement obscures the true goal of feminism, which is gender equality. MRM perpetuates a view on feminism as placing women at a higher level than men which results in the oppression of men. This is a misguided view of feminism stemming from loss of hegemony and power.

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