Sexual Violence and Cultural Marginalization

Our ? on ? briefly touched on ?? who commit ?? against women (Al Franken, Louis CK, etc), and whether they fit into Kimmel’s concept of cultural marginalization, or in other words, ? enactment of codes of ?.

One would think that these ? who have ✅ the ⬆ of ? are not victims of cultural marginalization, however, their use of ? to ? their ? would indicate otherwise, esp. when many of these ? have ?? ? that may have been ? failed ? earlier in life.

How does this ?our ideas of?, when?? at the ⬆ of ? may be victims of cultural marginalization (or just perceive themselves as such)? If the most ?? cannot successfully enact codes of ?, can anyone?


? discussion

? violence

? privilege/privileged

? men

? sexual

? unsuccessful

? masculinity

✅ reached

⬆ upper echelons

? society

? validate

?? theatrical/artistic

? backgrounds

? associated with

? complicate

2 thoughts on “Sexual Violence and Cultural Marginalization

  1. kfserwer

    Power is the determining force that causes some people to get less and some more. Though these men might now have access to fame, fortune, and other masculine traits, it might not counteract the years of humiliation, that might be met with these compensatory acts. (Like sexually assaulting/dominating women)

  2. asillah

    I think your question asks us to separate assault and abuse of power from privilege, which I think is really important. Perhaps as well, our previous ideas of hegemonic power is shifting from that of physical strength and more to wealth and capital.

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