Sports Masculinity Follow-Up

Our ? brought up the fact that ? monopolizes ?, thus ? are associated with ?. This lead us to reflect on the ways that ? like Kendrick Lamar are not recognized as?. Media like Fox News will report on him as if he were a delinquent because he shows disapproval of the police. How do we combat these unfair portrayals of ? of ?? Men of ? that are physically ? are more easily accepted in society. Would it be productive to take the spotlight away from these ?men? How do we bring a balance to masculinities of ?, so that ? of ? are not associated with ?? How is ? able to monopolize ? if there are HBCUs and minorities are graduating from college at an increasing rate.


?- Class discussion

?- whiteness

?- intellectuals

?- color

?- violent

HBCU- Historically Black Colleges and Universities

2 thoughts on “Sports Masculinity Follow-Up

  1. dmleen

    I think the media is a large factor in the portrayal of and reinforcement of racial stereotypes, specifically parading the white intellectual as well as further publicizing the black criminal. Much of the media is also enticed in the preservation of the credibility of the police force, and since police brutality is generally a racial issue, the media will further antagonize those who speak out against it.

  2. sknight

    Would it be productive to take the spotlight away from these ?men?

    I think this is a really interesting question because that is unfortunately the main spotlight men of color have through the lens of mass media such as the news. To add onto this, specifically in football recruitment, men of color who are aspiring quarterbacks are so socially pushed down and shoved to the side by white coaches and team sponsors. In studies done, it was discovered that the coaches (statistically overwhelmingly white) who recruit players doubt that Black players have the mental capacity to be quarterbacks. An association in media became clear that white men were positioned in central positions such as quarterbacks, and Black men on the peripheral, because white men were believed to be “harder workers, superior leaders, more team-oriented, and more mentally astute.” So I think that there is an absolute need for change in the way men of color are perceived in every profession and daily life because clearly it is impacting men of color from youth who, in this case, would be aspiring quarterbacks but are then told they’re not smart enough. In answering a majority of your questions, the tone of conversation broadcasted by the news needs to shift, and with that, I think that the people in charge of the news have to be dismantled and changed to prevent them from continuing to perpetuate racism.

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