Useful Links, Animations, etc

Other undergraduate algorithm classes on the web:

  • Swarthmore: cs41-fall12 (Danner, KT)
  • Williams: cs256-spring2013 (Heeringa, KT) <—- check out the grading scheme!
  • Carleton: cs252-W14 (Miles, KT) |  cs252-w13 (Liben-Nowell, KT) <—- check out the “who to ask for help” section!
  • Wellesley: CS231-fall 2014 (Metaxas, CLRS)
  • MIT Open CourseWare: Algorithms (CLRS) |  Fall 2002 (Demaine, Goldwasser)
  • Stanford: Fall 2014 (Plotkin, CLRS) <—check out the “Why study algorithms” in the intro slides.