Lists of Organizations

Bee Busy is an organization that has developed a comprehensive sex-ed curriculum and offers to bring their “Get Informed, Not Infected” program to schools. It is a Houston-based organization that started as a response to Houston’s HIV crisis, and now works to provide sexual health education, STI testing, summer camps, and general community work. They provide free testing and contraception, and their education programs cover sexual health, substance abuse, healthy relationships and decision making.   

Because state laws require abstinence to be emphasized in education, this campaign advocates for making medically accurate information and contraception to be available and providing resources for teen mothers to reduce repeat teen pregnancies. The website also provides crucial information about the potential effects of Texas’ sex ed laws, and offers ways for schools to adhere to the abstinence-emphasis regulations while still providing necessary information (Abstinence Plus curriculums). Resources are available regarding coalitions, advocacy groups, and other ways to take action in the campaign. 

CASN is a volunteer led organization in Houston that started in 2013 when a small group of pro-choice activists saw a lack of support for those seeking abortion care. Their work revolves around increasing accessibility to reproductive healthcare for Houstonians, with a focus on providing transportation to clinic appointments.  

The Montrose Center is an organization with the mission of empowering Houston’s LGBTQ youth. In order to provide support for Houston’s LGBTQ community, which often is excluded from sex ed curriculums and faces obstacles in receiving comprehensive healthcare, the Center provides access to health services and free wellness programs. 

The Keystone Coalition for Advancing Sex Education is an organization started by 17-year-old KC Miller to advocate for comprehensive and LGBTQ-inclusive sex ed in Pennsylvania. Miller wrote the Pennsylvania Healthy Youth Act and much of Keystone’s work revolves around pushing for updated legislation and collaborating with other organizations to do so. One of Keystone CASE’s main initiatives is to raise awareness of abstinence-only education as a public health crisis through community outreach.  

Sex Ed for Social Change Is a group that advocates for the institutionalizing of sex ed standards across the country and works to create a dialogue about youth sexual health. They share the National Sex Ed Standards and provide resources and tools for teaching comprehensive and inclusive curriculums.   

The Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition is an organization that was created in response to the hostility that transgender people in Arkansas face with a particular focus on the lack of representation in legislation and access to healthcare. ArTEC advocates to change (both federal and local) legislation that is exclusive and harmful to the trans community.