Why Glasses?

There are roughly 50 million children and adolescents enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools. An estimated five million more students attend private schools. Nearly 25% of school age children have vision problems. That is 12.5 million students. Corrected vision is a fundamental tool everyone needs to help focus in the classroom and in life.

Vision correction can increase a child’s self-confidence, social adjustment and academic performance. Prescription eyeglasses can and will help a child see what she’s been missing–everything from assignments on the board, lessons in the classroom, stories in books, to the soccer ball on the field. The self-esteem and empowerment that comes with clear vision increases a child’s potential for success immensely.

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When a child cannot see clearly, “it’s the same thing as a kid being hungry at school.” – Principal Ovalle, Campbell Park Elementary School in Tampa Bay, Florida.