Public education is supposed to be the great equalizer, supporting and pushing students toward achieving their American Dream, however, in reality the system is subjugated to the same discriminatory policies which plague our country, leading to extreme inequity between and within schools. It would seem by now that the legislative strides America has taken towards equality in schooling and opportunities since Brown v. Board of Education would have had the time to truly and fairly provide the necessary resources for every American to succeed. Unfortunately, systems like residential segregation have weaved their way into our society using convoluted language that make them seem normal and not the direct effect of white supremacist policy and they negatively impact public schools in America. The disadvantages– particularly in public health, which is what this website will examine–that people of color and lower socioeconomic class face in our society are magnified in concentrated and isolated communities in American cities. Inequities that arise are reflected in these communities’ public schools. The damage that has occurred outside of school walls in these communities cannot be reversed by reforms that focus on the individual or even just on the academic curriculum of schools. By incorporating services of physical and mental health into local schools it not only symbolizes their interdependence but it also works to support the whole student and whole community in a way that a traditional public school cannot. 

This website will focus on Community Schools which offer full mental and physical health services to their students and surrounding communities either at the school or with a local partner. But, I will also include information and links to organizations that are woking with just one aspect or service involving mental and physical health. Because students cannot learn without these basic needs met.