Grassroots Organizations

Urban Native Education Alliance

The Urban Native Education Alliance is a cultural group in Seattle that offers support to Native American Youth through cultural, social, and educational services. This organization is supported by grassroots community volunteers that embody and embrace their core values, including integrity, interconnectedness, inclusion and service. They focus on youth, and advocate for and support these Native American students. They also have a program called the Clear Sky Program, which engages in activities to promote educational achievement.

American Indian Business Leaders

AIBL was started by American Indian business and educational leaders in Montana to create and promote opportunities for Native American students. One major goal of the AIBL is to increase the representation of American Indians in business through educational opportunities and leadership development opportunities.


Western Native Voice

Western Native Voice is a social justice group that was established in Montana in 2011 with the aim of inspiring Native American community leadership so that individuals will be empowered through leadership development, education, civic engagement, and engagement with public policy. Their aim is to empower these youth in positive ways through community organizing, and work towards building equal opportunities and success for these Native American youth.


Native Youth Leadership Alliance

The NYLA is a program in South Dakota that provides training, resources, and support in order to create opportunities for Native American youth to create a positive change within their communities. It was created in 2009 in order to build relationships and share cultural support among underprivileged youth. The NYLA offers a leadership society that focuses on building leadership skills, community development, and attempting to help make long-term investments for health and wellness on reservations. They work to make youth into leaders in order to create positive opportunities, uphold tradition in their communities, and work to make their future brighter for them and the generations to follow.

Na’ah Illahee Fund

The Na’ah illahee fund is based out of Seattle and supports the leadership of Native American women and girls and attempts to strengthen the connections they have with their communities and culture. Their experience within Native American communities proves that to be successful, these students must learn more about their culture and skills in order to think critically and advance their educational experiences. This organization works to make Native girls stronger when it comes to leadership. 


Native American Youth and Family Center

The united and growing Native American community in Portland, OR promotes a healthy community focused on the connection between the environment, culture, spirituality, and wellness. NAYA provides a space for youth and families to receive educational opportunities, provides leadership opportunities, supports elders and children through services and programs, and are committed to ending hunger, poverty, and violence among Native American communities.


This is a youth organization run by Native youth for Native youth in Northwest Portland, OR. They promote healthy living for these youth, whether that be through relationships, culture, eating well, substance abuse, identity, and other similar elements of life. They also provide stories that are relevant to others who are or may be going through the same things. Their goal is to promote healthy and happy growth that will positively effect Native American communities.


Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation

This grassroots organization works with the community to create positive change among Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, as well as end poverty. The goal is to empower Lakota youth and families to improve their culture, health & wellness, and environment on the Reservation through strengthening cultural and traditional identity.