Grassroots Organizations

St. Louis is a great city to get involved with grassroots organizations, especially for fighting against systems that oppress minorities.  Grassroots organizations in St. Louis address many problems regarding racial inequality within and between schools.  The Alliance for Interracial Dignity has a committee specifically focused on the school to prison pipeline that is very prevalent in schools with majority-minority students.  The Anti-Racism Collective aims to educate members through organizing and facilitate discussions regarding race and institutional racism in St. Louis.  Similarly, South City Solidarity organizes to educate members and others about the effects that race has in St. Louis from the systems that are in place.  The Organization for Black Struggle attacks many areas in society but focus on police brutality and ending white supremacy.  Many of these organizations were present in organizing and mobilizing during the events of Ferguson and some, like the South City Solidarity arose in response to the events of Ferguson.  People involved with these organizations varies greatly, which is great to see.  There are business leaders involved, professionals, and everyday citizens of all races organizing to improve the education system for oppressed communities in St. Louis.  These groups continue to push for policy change and educate members on the effects that race has on a student’s life and how that experience impacts their entire life.  Like many groups, they receive pushback from government officials that are unwilling to listen or are timid to make a change.  However, more groups will continue to organize and strive for education to serve all communities equally.


Grassroots Organizations in St. Louis

Anti-Racism Collective – A group of white anti-racist activists who come together to further anti-racist organizing among progressive white activists in St. Louis. They hope to become a force of mutual work for organizing in our ongoing, progressive, multiracial, multinational-movement building.

Organization for Black Struggle – This organization was founded in 1980 St. Louis activists, students, union organizers and other community members. They hope to contribute to the creation of a society free of all forms of exploitation and oppression. Their mission is to fight for political empowerment, economic justice and cultural dignity of African-Americans.

South City Solidarity – This organization aims to foster a progressive activist community in St. Louis neighborhoods.  The organization began in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and continues to fight for racial justice in St. Louis.  They invite all to engage with their organization.

Alliance for Interracial Dignity – This organization was founded in 2012 in the Webster Groves neighborhood of St. Louis.  The Alliance addresses issues of racial equality with the belief that making progress in this critical area will open the door to ending other forms of oppression.  





Grassroots Organizations in US Cities

ONE Northside – Organizing Neighborhoods for Equality (ONE) is a mixed-income, multi-ethnic, intergenerational organizational that unities diverse communities in Chicago. They build collective power to eliminate injustice through bold and innovative community organizing in the north side of Chicago.

The Santa Cruz County Community Coalition to Overcome Racism – formed in 2007 to address structural racism as the root cause of racial inequality in the Santa Cruz County. This group trains, equips, and supports community members and institutions to effectively work toward racial equality.

African American Leadership Project – This organization is based in New Orleans and consists of community activists, religious and business leaders, academics and concerned citizens in New Orleans.  Their goal is to focus on dialogue and agenda building to promote racial equality in New Orleans.



Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites – This organization works in Seattle to undo institutional racism and white privilege through education and organizing in white communities.  Their goal is to educate and mobilize white communities to support people of color-led organizations.