Atlanta Grassroots

Gwinnett Citizens for Comprehensive Sex Education – GCCSE is a grassroots organization of parents and alumni of Gwinnett County public schools who are advocating for comprehensive sex education in their schools. They push for informative and inclusive sex ed programs to equip teenagers with all the information they need to have healthy relationships, and argue that if families want their children to remain abstinent, that can be enforced in the home rather than the school.

Sister Love – Sister Love is an organization in Atlanta that is focused on preventing the spread of HIV, promoting sexual health, and reducing the “sexual and reproductive oppressions upon women”. They offer free STI/STD testing and counseling, and have a parent advocacy series to educate parents about what health education their children are receiving in the Fulton County school district.

Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential (GCAPP) – GCAPP’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of adolescents in Georgia by educating and empowering them. They work with school districts, health educators and nearly 200 youth-serving organizations to educate over 40,000 adolescents every year with appropriate, medically accurate sex education that includes information on healthy relationships, physical activity, and nutrition, so teens can make healthy lifestyle choices.

Feminist Women’s Health Center – The Feminist Women’s Health Center is a clinic that provides a plethora of health services to women in Atlanta, but it also engages through community education and grassroots organizing to advance reproductive health.

Legislative Advocacy Program – As a branch of the Feminist Women’s Health Center, LAP advocates for local and state level policies that promote reproductive justice and access to reproductive healthcare.