My name is Olivia Muro and I am a current sophomore at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. I am originally from Tucson, AZ, and now reside in Washington, DC when I am home from school.

I have just declared a double major in Government/Legal Studies and Art History, but my interests are far less neatly defined–I love city planning and design, hiking and traveling, playing violin and listening to rap music. I am an avid reader (of nonfiction and narrative, and anything written by Joan Didion or Jhumpa Lahiri) and I write regularly (I keep a journal, and occasionally submit articles to the Bowdoin Globalist, a tiny campus publication that no one pays much attention to). Finally, I am bilingual speaker of Spanish and English, and I have a deep appreciation for words and languages of all kinds.

This semester, I have been enrolled in Professor Santoro’s Urban Education and Community Organizing class. You can take get a sense of some of our assignments and take a look at my responses to readings by visiting my twitter, @oliviahmuro!

Our capstone project has been to create a website that details the action students, teachers, parents, and communities are taking to ensure urban education in response to problems faced by a particular city. I have dedicated my research to sustainable development in the South Bronx.