In Memoriam

KrysTle Campbell, 29 (top left)

Sean Collier, 26 (top right)

Martin richard, 8 (bottom left)

Lu Lingzi, 23 (bottom right)

The three victims who lost their lives in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings were 29-year-old Krystle Campbell, 8-year-old Martin Richard, and 23-year-old Lu Lingzi. Sean Collier, 26, was fatally shot by the Tsarnaev brothers days after the marathon bombing.



Krystle Campbell from Medford, Massachusetts and was attending the marathon with friends to watch another friend complete the race. She was a restaurant manager that had been living with and caring for her grandmother after she underwent a medical procedure (BBC).



Martin Richard from Dorchester, Massachusetts, was at the finish line of the marathon with his family waiting to watch his father finish the race. His younger sister, 6-year old Jane Richard, suffered serious injuries to her leg and his mother, Denise Richard, sustained a head injury that required emergency surgery. Both have since recovered physically (BBC).



Lu Lingzi was a graduate student at Boston University from China. She had previously studied economics at the Beijing Institute of Technology and went to B.U. to study statistics. She was attending the marathon with three other friends from school, one of which was wounded by the bombings (BBC). Boston University has since established a scholarship in her name.



Sean Collier, 26, was a campus police officer at MIT. He was fatally shot in his cruiser by the Tsarnaev bombers in the days following the marathon bombings. It has been found through investigations that the Tsarnaev brothers killed Collier when he refused to give them his gun. Ed Davis, the Boston Police Commissioner, stated that he believed that Sean’s murder led to the apprehension of the Tsarnaev brothers (BBC).



Light spires and one of the stone pillars on Boylston Street in Boston to memorialize the victims at the sites where they were killed. (AP Photo/Philip Marcelo)

In August of 2019, a memorial to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing was erected on Boylston Street. Sculptor Pablo Eduardo was commissioned to create the memorial, which consists of three stone pillars, one representing each of the three victims of the bombings. Each pillar comes from a place that was significant to each of the victims. Martin Richard’s comes from Franklin Park, a park in his neighborhood in Dorchester where he often played. Lu Lingzi’s comes from the BU Bridge, donated by the university of which she was attending. Krystle Campbell’s comes from Spectacle Island, off the coast of Massachusetts, where she was a camp counselor growing up (Runner’s World, WBUR).

Also at the sites are bronze bricks, representing MIT Officer Sean Collier and BPD Officer Dennis Simmonds who passed away a year after sustaining injuries from the Watertown shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers.

At the memorial where Krystle was killed the followed quote is inscribed:

 “All we have lost is brightly lost”

and at Lu and Martin’s site:

“Let us climb, now, the road to hope”

Boston is planning on constructing a second, larger memorial elsewhere in the city to commemorate the attack. In the meantime, sculptor Pablo Eduardo hopes that the final work of this memorial reflects the hopes and expectations of the families who lost loved ones in the attack (WBUR).