Dialogue at the Teach-In and Beyond

Intersections: Planet, People and Power (IP3), and the larger group of students, faculty and staff involved in the Teach-In, are fully committed to promoting and modeling constructive dialogue. We are convinced that inclusive community discussion is our best educational tool. Dialogue will allow us to process the knowledge from the Teach-In sessions and to continue to learn from each other. Continuous conversation also allows us to understand how we can come together, as members of the Bowdoin and global communities, to create a just and sustainable future, in the spirit of the Common Good.

Enriching and effective dialogue is not an easy endeavor, especially when we are exploring new terrain or engaging with a diversity of perspectives. We have prepared a handout that summarizes some of the challenges we all may encounter when attempting to understand each other, explaining where those challenges come from, and how we can get better at overcoming them.

The Dialogue team of the Teach-In encourages you to give us your feedback about the topics you would like to discuss in depth after the event, the kind of activities that will support further discussion, and the skills that we need to learn to engage in inclusive conversations with peers of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, personal and group identities, and social or environmental interests.

Take our online survey here.

Use your social media options: 

  • Twitter: #BowdoinTeachIn
  • Our Facebook event: “Intersections: Making Connections, Moving Forward”

And please come to the debrief session 

Next Steps: Learn, Connect, Move Forward”

Friday, October 2, 12:30 pm, Daggett Lounge

An opportunity to share knowledge gained from the teach in, reflect, explore your personal passions, and help determine next steps

Dialogue Hand Out (PDF)