Spring 2016 IP3 Events

Intersections: People Planet and Power (IP3) is excited to host a series of Common Hour lunch discussions about current events at the intersection of climate change and social justice. Bring a bag lunch, we’ll provide dessert!

From the water in Flint to the campus climate, or the world energy market to the Zika virus, we’re willing to talk about everything, all together. IP3 tries to see issues in an intersecting way, raising awareness of future challenges and increasing understanding of the current systems that affect us all.

  • Thursday, February 11,  12:30 Thorne, North Dining Room

What Brings us Together?  Sarah Levy (’16) and Madeleine Msall (Physics) facilitate an exploration of the interests and commitments that draw people to the IP3 group and events.

  • Friday, March 4, 12:30, ES Common Space, in the ES Common Space (Adams Hall).

The Problem with Flint’s Water, Adira Polite (’18) and Dharni Vasudevan (Chemistry) facilitate a community discussion of the Flint Water Crisis and issues of environmental justice.

  • Tuesday, April 5, 4:00, Beam Classroom

All Renewable, All Electric America, a talk by S. David Freeman.

David Freeman was one of the architects of the EPA, chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority for 7 years and had a long and distinguished career as CEO of major public utilities. He is recognized as an Eco-pioneer for advancing affordable energy and efficiency. He has written and lectured extensively on energy and the environment and is the author of multiple books on energy policy and sustainability advocacy. His work as President of the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners resulted in a comprehensive strategy that reduced air emissions from port operations by 50%. Mr. Freeman has served most recently as L.A.’s Deputy Mayor for Energy and the Environment.

  • Friday, April 15, 12:30  in the ES Common Space (Adams Hall).

Indigenous Rights in Mexico and Equador, Caroline Martinez (’16) and Kelsey Freeman (’16) open a discussion of their scholarly work on Indigenous Rights and Activism.

  • Friday, May 6, 12:30 to 1:30 in the ES Common Space (Adams Hall).

Bowdoin’s Carbon Neutral Pledge, Sustainability EcoReps Michael Butler (’17), Alana​ Luzzio (’17) and Madeline Schuldt (’18) examine our Presidential Pledge to be Carbon Neutral by 2020.

[gview file=”http://courses.bowdoin.edu/ip3-teach-in-2015/wp-content/uploads/sites/103/2015/09/David-Freeman-Poster.pdf”]