Arts Stage

Slam Poets!

The Arts Stage has been taken over by Slam Poets.  Come see what Bowdoin’s best wordsmiths have to say about Intersections.  2:30 Studzinski Recital Hall

Catalina Gallagher is a Chilean-American poet from New Mexico ad a student activist at Bowdoin. Her poetry was once called “furious surrealist feminism” by her editor Francisco and she liked the sound of it. She loves Twitter.Emily Talbot is a queer woman, a person who is figuring out her own system of values and interpersonal interactions, and how to improve the world for the people she cares about and the people she doesn’t even know. She has been a part of Slam throughout her time at Bowdoin, and she speaks Spanish as a second language.Violet Ranson, co-leader of Slam Poets Society (along with Maya Reyes), uses environmental imagery to convey urban and class issues. She will perform two poems, the first of which won Bowdoin’s English Department’s First Prize for poetry in 2014.

Maya Reyes is a senior at Bowdoin and has led the Slam Poets Society with Violet since the fall of last year. Her writing explores her personal experiences with and views on social and racial inequalities, as well as power dynamics.

Kevonté Anderson: Eye am Kofi Kevonté 77X, from the universal maternal womb. Eye passed through the portal over twenty-two years ago and landed in Nashville, TN. Malcolm X before he went to Mecca aka the Blackest of Panthers, cheetahs and leopards aka the yung shaman rhymin’ aka KiLiK MkfLy aka HRW HTP KRST UHURU UBUNTU aka the TN Titan aka ninetiesbaby aka the indigo child from Indus Kush aka Baba Burnin’ Bush.

Other poets include:

Osakhare Omoregie