Open Class Registration

The Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions and the Panel Discussions will accommodate many participants. We are not, therefore, asking for preregistration for these events.  Instead, we ask community members to consider redirecting to other events if their chosen event is full.  Ushers will be able to provide information about less full sessions.  Or follow #BowdoinTeachIn for live updates on full sessions.

Open classes are designed to be smaller and, in some cases, are associated with semester long courses.  Students in those courses do not need to reserve a seat.  Other students, faculty and staff may reserve the additional seats using the online sign-up tool links below.  Non-registered participants will be welcomed if space allows.

No registration is required for:

  • 8:30 – 10:00 Earth Care: Public Health, Disease and Environmental Inequalities in the Anthropocene, Matt Klingle, John Lichter and Environmental Studies 1101.
  • 9:35 – 9:55  Forced Migration and Interdependence: A Climate Dance Event (Paul Sarvis and Dance 1101) taking place on the quad.
  • 11:30 – 1:00 Electronic Sound all Around (Frank Mauceri and Music 2551) in Studzinski recital hall.

Use this link to register for one of the 8 Open Classes scheduled from 11:30-1:00

  • The Proposed Second Central American Canal in Nicaragua: Environmental and Social Consequences, Nat Wheelwright and Allen Wells.
  • Chemical Exposure Risks: Public Safety and Burden of Proof, Dharni Vasudevan and Chemistry 3050.
  • Mercy, Mercy Me: The Environment, the Blues and Hip-Hop, Randy Stakeman.
  • #Black Lives Matter vs. Climate Change, Mary Hunter and Mark Foster.
  • Imagining Futures: Readings from Science Fiction on Identity and the Environment, Rayne Sampson, Arielle Saiber and Nadia Celis.
  • Bookmaking, Humans and Nature, Nicole Pietrantoni.
  • Problems, Agitations and Solutions, Dale Syphers, Sree Padma and Divya Gupta.

Use this link to register for one of the 7 Open Classes scheduled from 1:00-2:30

  • Don Quixote of the Arctic: Inuit, Social Justice and Climate Change, Genevieve Lemoine.
  • What is Fair? Who is Responsible? Global Climate Negotiations and Climate Activism North/South/East/West, Laura Henry and Government 2515.
  • Climate Change and Its Impact on Society in Sub-Saharan Africa, Mark Battle and Femi Vaughn.
  • Slave Resistance and Revolts, Judith Casselberry, Barbara Krauthamer and Africana Studies 1101.
  • Writing After Katrina, Anthony Walton.
  • Our Fair Cities? The Urban landscapes of Social and Environmental Inequalities, Matt Klingle and Brian Purnell.
  • Two Sides of the Border: Imagining, Experiencing and Embodying the “Other” with the Facts of Climate Change, Vladimir Douhovnikoff and Abigail Killeen.

Use this link to register for the Open Class scheduled from 2:30 – 4:00

  • Social Inequity in the Mideast, Robert Morrison.