Open Classes & Panel Discussions

All Panel Discussions & Open Classes will occur between 11:30 and 3:00. Exact times are currently being determined by the organizing committee. Additional suggestions for open classes, panel topics and volunteer organizers are welcome. To get involved with one of the panels, email the organizer!

You can register for panels and open classes here


Organized Panels


Intersectionality: Student Perspectives on Living and Working Together at Bowdoin
Organized by Roy Partridge (


Oceans and Climate Change: Impact on Human and Ocean Communities
Organized by Amy Johnson (


Is the US Political System Broken?
Organized by Laura Henry (


Globalization: Wealth, Poverty, and Climate Disruption
Organized by David Vail (


Who Owns the Earth: Maine’s Diverse Populations & Environments
Organized by Susan Wegner (


Food for Thought: Eating for a Healthier Planet and a Healthier You
Organized by Eric Gaze (


Stop Killing Us: Power, Violence, and Extinction
Organized by Hadley Horch (


Human Health and Climate Change
Organized by Birgit Pols ( & Maggie Acosta (


Talking Across Differences: Facing challenges and sharing strategies
Organized by Nadia Celis (; panelists Belinda Kong, Kate Stern, Chuck Dorn, Ashley Bomboka ’16


Striving for Change: Social Movements & Campus Politics
Organized by Heather Witzel Lakin (


A Heritage of Greed: Past and Present Colonial Enterprises
Organized by Nadia Celis (


Faith, Justice & Nature
Organized by Madeleine Msall (


Open Classes


Mercy Mercy Me: The Environment, the Blues, and Hip Hop – Randolph Stakeman


Imagining Futures: Readings from Science Fiction on Identity and the Environment – Arielle Saiber and Rayne Sampson ’18



Two Sides of the Border: Imagining, Experiencing, and Embodying the “Other” with the Facts of Climate Change – Vladimir Douhovnikoff and Abigail Killeen


What is Fair? Who is Responsible? Global Climate Negotiations and Climate Activism North/South/East/West  – Laura Henry


#BlackLivesMatter versus Climate Change? Reading Naomi Klein and John Metta – Mark Foster & Mary Hunter


Social Inequity in the Middle East – Robert Morrison


Bookmaking, Humans, and Nature – Carrie Scanga & Nicole Pietrantoni


Writing After Katrina – Anthony Walton


Slave Resistance and Revolts – Judith Casselberry and Barbara Krauthamer (UMass Amherst)


The (re-)peopling of North America: Slavery’s legacy on the law and the land – Patrick Rael


Climate Dance Event – Forced Migration and Interdependence – Paul Sarvis


Chemical Exposure Risks: Public Safety and Burden of Proof – Dharni Vasudevan


Violence and Environment – Dale Syphers, Divya Gupta, and Sree Padma Holt


Our Fair Cities? The Urban Landscapes of Social and Environmental Inequalities in America and Beyond – Matthew Klingle & Brian Purnell


Earth Care: Public health, disease, and environmental inequalities in the Anthropocene – John Lichter & Matthew Klingle


The Proposed Second Central American Canal in Nicaragua: Environmental and Social Consequences – Nathaniel Wheelwright & Allen Wells


Climate Change and its Impact on Society in Sub-Saharan Africa – Olufemi Vaughan & Mark Battle


Don Quixote of the Arctic: Inuit, Social Justice and Climate Change – Arctic Museum Staff