I want to design an Open Class or Panel Discussion. What should I consider?

Faculty, students and staff have met many times since last December. This summer, working groups have distilled the content of these meetings and chosen four overarching intersectional themes for the day: Power, Resources, Communities and Equity.

We are aiming for panels and open classes that will consider these themes from a variety of perspectives and disciplinary approaches. We intend to have each panel include a fair combination of presentations addressing the effects of climate change and issues of environmental justice side by side with research, artistic and cultural production about the effects of injustice based on race and racialization, gender and sexuality, and socioeconomic hierarchies. We acknowledge and welcome the specificity of your area of expertise, and don’t expect you to touch on every element of this equation. However, efforts to think of intersections are encouraged at individual presentations, and expected from people co-teaching classes and chairing panels. The combination of local, national and transnational approaches to each of these matters should also be stressed.