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Welcome to THTR 1504

Welcome to THTR 1504: Theater as Social Media!

This is the course website for Theater as Social Media. This site will serve as a group blog for the course and a way to participate outside of class. Every student in the class will be added as an editor, who can post to the blog. You will be able to edit your own posts, but please refrain from editing other students’ postings online.

Every week, students will suggest the topic for the week’s discussion based on readings as well as outside ideas you wish to contribute. A sample post is available here. Topics for class should be posted under the category, “Topics.” For information on how to post additional materials with your topic, such as images, audio, and video, see the How to… pages on this site. You can also use footnotes in your posts. See here for instructions.

I encourage you to post other related materials, questions, cool things you find, etc. to the site as you desire. Just be sure to use appropriate categories and tags, so we can keep the various streams of information distinct.

Any questions, please ask.