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Insite Team v.2 Spring 2020

To see our updated project: CSCI-2345 Website!

Inside Team v.1 2019 Application Design:

Task: Create Development Plan, Requirements, Constraints

  • Plan A
    • Estimote Beacons
  • Plan B
    • Two general localization systems
      • Sound
      • Computer Vision
    • One precision localization system
      • NFC Tags

Task: Create Sound System to Track Signals

  • Four speakers in known locations around the room
  • Each speaker produces a different frequency (19-22 kHz)
  • iPhone picks up beeps about once per second from these speakers
  • FFT to separate the beep frequencies
  • Maximum likelihood point calculated
  • X and Y grid points passed to app













Task: Test Signal Processing for Sound System

  • Incoming audio is sampled at 44,100 times per second
  • 1/400th seconds of audio is passed through FFT to create audio spectrum
  • Audio magnitude data saved
  • Signal processor looks for rapid increase in magnitude of key frequencies
  • Arrival timestamps for each frequency are marked
  • Arrival times used to calculate distances from speakers and most likely position of the phone

FFT: Fast Fourier Transform

Task: Create Computer Vision Tracking System

  • Needed two cameras
  • Camera calibration using chessboard
    • Finding the parameters (extrinsic and intrinsic) of the transformation between an object in 3D space and the 2D image.
  • People detection on each frame for each camera
  • Triangulation from corresponding centroid pixel values to 3D world coordinates
  • Send person location over TCP to the App Team 
  • Implementation
    • Initially in Python with OpenCv 
    • Final working implementation all in Matlab

Task: Calibrate Tracking System in Gallery Space