Focus & Issue

After The Storm: Participants & Bystanders

After Hurricane Katrina, many public schools in the city of New Orleans were taken over by the State of Louisiana. Post- Katrina there was heavy state involvement using the Recovery School District (RSD) because they saw post-Katrina as an opportunity to reform the New Orleans education system.  They wanted to reform the New Orleans school system because the numbers were bad when local boards were in control of the public schools in the city. 




The Problem and the Focus: Who is Affected 

I will be focusing on how black and brown students faced issues within charter school education post-Katrina. Specifically, I will be researching efforts to improve educational opportunities for black students in New Orleans post-Katrina. I will focus on community efforts to improve charter schools for black students in New Orleans. Overall, the issue is that black students in charter schools aren’t benefiting from the education system that is put in place by the State or RSD. This issue is significant because it disproportionately affects one community more than another and you can see that through the numbers.   


The Groups at a Disadvantage

This image displays how African Americans are at the biggest disadvantage and are heavily affected by the negatives and positives that of the public school system in New Orleans