These are examples of math facts that you learn in elementary school. Mathematics education is an integral part of the public education system, yet it can often be an incredibly difficult subject to teach to students, particularly when they find it boring and inapplicable to their lives. This website is designed to show that there are a number of grassroots organizations throughout the United States that are fighting to show that…

  • mathematics education is important for all students
  • we must increase mathematics literacy in order to be competitive with other countries
  • it’s not only possible for teachers to help better mathematics education, but that the youth of America can also play an important role.

To get a better idea of the problems we are facing in regards to mathematics education and to see how some of America’s youth are affecting the way students learn mathematics, watch this video1 from the Young People’s Project:

This video provides an example of a grassroots organization that recognizes that a teacher lecturing in front of the classroom isn’t an effective way of teaching for every student. The United States is quickly falling behind when it comes to math literacy, to the point that we are now ranked 25th in the world in regards to mathematics. Grassroots organizations such as the Young People’s Project are working towards making mathematics a more accessible subject for all students within the public education system.