Grassroots Organizations

Advocates For Youth

Advocates for Youth provides youth, parents, and professionals with comprehensive, accurate, and positive sexual and reproductive health education.  They also coordinate political action to encourage realistic approaches to the sexual health of adolescence.⁵


Amplify is a youth activist network with more than 75,000 young members.  Each member is trained to provide their peers with information to improve their sexual and reproductive health and take political action to improve resources.⁶

Coalition for Positive Sexuality

The Coalition for Positive Sexuality brings honest and unbiased sexual education to young people who are currently or interested in being sexually active in English and Spanish.   They address questions about the right time to have sex, safe sex, sexuality, pregnancy, abortion, and STDs.⁷

DC Campaign

The DC Campaign works to improve the lives of the capital’s youth by reducing the teen pregnancy rate.  They help connect youth with local resources and educate teens to become leaders and advocates for their peers in political settings.⁸

The Grassroot Project

Division I student-athletes in Washington D.C. joined together to to educate at-risk youth about HIV and AIDS.  They bring an eight-week program to middle-school classrooms across the city where they create a safe and fun environment for children to learn and ask questions.⁹

Health Connected

Health Connected was started in Redwood City, California, by teachers and healthcare providers in response to a rise in sexual activity among local 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  In addition to their middle school program, they now have programs for older teens, parents, and professionals.¹⁰

HPV Hope

Founded in Seattle, HPV Hope provides education, resources, and support to teens and adults living with Human Papillomavirus and related cancers.  The nonprofit organizes in person and online support groups for people living with HPV.  HPV Hope also partners with clinicians, educators, advocates, and survivors to improve the lives of those affected by HPV.¹¹


SisterReach is a grassroots organization for reproductive justice in Memphis, Tennessee.  The organization hopes to give women and girls the power and resources to make healthy decisions through education, policy, and advocacy.¹²

The STD Project – A Positive Voice

The STD Project aims to end the stigma around STDs through education and story-telling.  They also provide young people and adults with resources regarding prevention, testing, treatment, and living with an STD.¹³

Youth Resource

Youth Resource is a web-based educational resource created by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.  It provides sexual health information that is often not covered by traditional sexual education programs as well as real stories from the creators. ¹⁴