Social Media

Social Media

Sex+ [Youtube¹⁵]

Sex Plus is a Youtube series created in San Francisco by Laci Green.  The series covers a wide range of topics related to sexuality, relationships, self esteem, feminism, and LGBT matters.

#NoTeenShame [Tumblr¹⁶ & #NoTeenShame on Twitter]

Seven young mothers started #NoTeenShame with the hope of creating a social media movement that encourages comprehensive sexual education and also respect and support for pregnant teens and young parents.  They believe the best thing society can do for both the parents and their children is eliminate the stigma and shame around teen parenting and instead creating supports and resources to help them succeed.

Peer Health and Sexuality Education (PHASE) [Facebook¹⁷ & Twitter¹⁸]

PHASE is a collaboration between teen and adult leaders in the District of Columbia that aims to improve adolescent reproductive health.  It hopes to create peer educators, increase holistic sexual health education, and make sexual health related services more accessible.

The Sex-Ed Loop [Facebook¹⁹ & Twitter²⁰]

The Sex-Ed Loop provides Chicago youth with “comprehensive, medically-accurate, and up-to-date information on sexual health, rights, and identity.”  It also created an app to connect teens with clinics and services near them.

YTH [Facebook²¹ & Twitter²²]

YTH, or youth + tech + health, is an organization based in Oakland, California that uses technology to improve health and wellness.  They post and tweet sexual health information and resources for teens, adults, and doctors.

Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH) [Facebook²³ & Twitter²⁴]

MOASH is an education and advocacy group in Lansing, Michigan.  It connects communities to create a state-wide plan for addressing adolescent sexual health through educational programming.

Laci Green [Facebook²⁵, Twitter²⁶, & Tumblr²⁷]

Laci Green is a sex education activist from San Francisco.  She started her incredibly successful youtube show, Sex+, in 2010.  In addition to creating and hosting Sex+, Laci has been a host a writer for Discovery Channel’s Discovery News, Planned Parenthood’s A Naked Notion, and MTV’s Braless.

Adina Nack, Ph.D. [Twitter²⁸]

Professor, author, and public speaker Adina Nack is a medical sociologist concerned with sexual health education.  She studies the interaction between social inequality, psychology, gender, popular culture, and sexual health.  She focuses on the effect of chronic STDs on the lives of women and girls and the stigmas associated with living with STDs.