This website provides information pertaining to grassroots organizing work surrounding Reproductive Rights, Reproductive Health and Sex Education of various communities across the nation. These organizations serve the members of their respective communities. Some of the organizations listed on this website aim to serve specific groups of people such as women, youth, African Americans or members of the LGBT community, yet they are still welcoming of those who do not identify as a member of these groups.

The messages of these groups are mixed; some groups promote Reproductive Justice or healthy sexual relationships. Yet, all of the groups support and provide sex education of some sort — whether through healthy sexual relationship education or Reproductive Justice Education. This website aims to send the message that sex education may come in various forms but still provides basic education on sex and sexual relations whether through Reproductive Justice or HIV/AIDS awareness.

Although the work of all of these groups are providing community and bringing people together, President Trump’s Administration is making this work even more difficult by cutting down fund allocations for sexual and reproductive health. The¬†organizations listed in this website a non profit organizations that rely on the support of donations, organizations, and in some cases direct and indirect federal funding. Loosing funds that sustain the work of these organizations makes it difficult for them to exist.