The Need For Arts

“The Earth without Art is just ‘Eh'”

Actually, it’s more than “eh.” The arts provide valuable brain development, teach self-expression, help people collaborate and learn, and increases pride in both oneself and community. The earth without art is colorless, boring, and, frankly, less productive, safe, and interesting.

The problem is this: arts programs are a privilege and the people who need arts programs the most have little to no access to them. Students in urban schools with very real school-to-prison pipelines, low achievement levels (as declared by standardized tests, but that’s another issue), and low graduation rates. Although arts programs may not be a panacea for these issues, they can certainly help! Check out these infographics to see the data or the videos to hear what the experts have to say!

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Recently, arts programs have faced major blows. Arts programs are often the first to be cut, according to this Washington Post article. With newly elected President Trump placing relatively no importance on arts and cutting funding to the National Endowment for the Arts, the future of arts education is at risk, spelling disaster for the country.  The following charts show just how much schools are missing arts programs!

The good news is this: grassroots organizers and nonprofits all over the country are committed to saving the arts, especially in urban areas. This website shows the importance of arts education, especially in urban schools, and the action being taken by many grassroots organizations to promote arts education for urban youth and communities.