As explained in the Vox video below, the school-to-prison pipeline is a phenomena that emerged in the late 20th century and has incorporated itself into the urban education world. Many schools in urban communities have adopted policies that increase surveillance and security presence among the student body. Although many parents want their students to have a safe environment for a conducive learning environment, this growing security presence within schools is counter-productive to the learning experience of many students, especially students of color.

This phenomena needs to be halted and eventually exterminated from school communities. There need to be alternative forms of discipline adopted by urban schools and communities. For example, instead of responding to a student with the traditional suspension approach, educators and academic institutions should assess the internal issues that are motivating students to make such poor decisions in the first place. Although there cannot be an ideal approach to curing each and every student, there need to be general remedies implemented that encourage the student to understand their wrongdoing instead of responding with extreme, impulsive means.

School-to-Prison Pipeline: School disciplinary policies disproportionately affect Black students: