Gwinnett SToPP

This is a parent-led organization working to combat the school-to-prison pipeline in Gwinnett County, Atlanta, GA. They have worked to eliminate quotas for school officers in the county, improved public transparency for school programs and contract in Gwinnett and throughout other counties, and helped develop a review of the disciplinary code.

Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT)

This organization is working to build leadership in youth of color and give them more opportunities for a good education in Milwaukee, MI. A big issue the organization tackles is the school-to-prison pipeline. They call for the removal of police officers and metal detectors from schools, an increase in social workers and counselors, implementation of restorative justice practices, reduction of classroom sizes, and more.

Save the Kids (STK)

STK is a national grassroots organization which primarily helps students of color, students with disabilities, LGBTQ+ students, and students from low economic status. They work to find alternatives to incarceration of youth, using “Hip Hop Activism,” support groups, and transformative justice.


Based in the Bay Area of California,  Services that Encourage Effective Dialogue and Solutions (SEEDS) focuses on collaboration and relationships by providing mediation, facilitation, workshops, and training in restorative justice. A lot of their work is done in schools to promote a healthier relationship between students and educators.

The Youth Organizing Institute

This North Carolina organization was created to promote the voices of low-income youth, LGBTQ+ youth, and youth of color in a system affected by the achievement gap and school-to-prison pipeline. They advocate for restorative justice, removal of SROs, implementation of counselors, and use of culturally-sensitive education.