Grassroots in NYC

Below are grassroots organizations in New York City, working together to address the empowerment of girls in several different of ways. Some of the organizations are targeted toward younger girls still finding their voice in middle school and high school, teaching them the importance of female empowerment at an early age. Others are for young women in their early twenties, finding their way as women in college or the workplace, needing a space in which they can express themselves. Because of the gender inequality in our society today, women of all ages need a sisterhood environment where women can champion other women.



Art Girl Army is a collective grassroots organization of diverse creative women. Founded in a small studio apartment in Brooklyn in 2014, AGA strives to create safe spaces where women feel empowered, inspired, celebrated and supported. The collective hosts meet-ups, panels, and workshops. While the organization is based in NYC their online membership is over 5,300+ women all over the globe




Girls Write Now works on the basis of intense commitment. Until 2005, they operated as an entirely volunteer-based organization. Through the time and talent of the volunteers, the organization has grown a grassroots movement from the ground up. Their Mission is to mentor underserved girls to find their voices through the power of writing and community by working with  women Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, television writers and digital media professionals from every discipline, who join Girls Write Now as mentors to pass on their craft.



The NCBW, formerly known as the Coalition of 100 Black Women, was started in the winter of 1970 by a handful of Black women who formed a grassroots organization slowly but persistently to master root causes of issues that affected their families, their communities and themselves. Naming themselves the Coalition of 100 Black Women, they began to reach out to other Black women in common cause and, eventually, mobilized their emerging stature as a visible force of influence which has now grown into a National Coalition. The Manhattan chapter, a grassroots organization on its own, was started in 1992 by NYU Law School students who felt the need to start their own chapter to address the needs of women of color in universities. All members are committed to the empowerment of Black women and girls in their community through leadership development, advocacy on issues affecting women and girls of color and economic development.



The Girls Inc. of New York City mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold through direct service and advocacy. Girls Inc. started off as a handful of women in New York City hoping to bring my role models to young girls in middle and high schools. The organization has grown and has reached many young girls in NYC. While they partner with big names, Girls Inc. is still a grassroots at heart helping over a third of their alumnae jump start their passion for STEM fields, giving them a leg up for their studies in college. The programs at Girls Inc. are designed to improve girls’ emotional development by challenging gin them to discover their full potential.