Grassroots in Chicago

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Parents 4 Teachers

Parents 4 Teachers is a Chicago based grassroots organization made up of concerned and involved parents who support and stand up for public school teachers. They strive for quality public schools for all public school children in Chicago.

Raise Your Hand for Illinois 

Raise Your Hand for Illinois is a grassroots organizations comprised of parents and citizens who advocate for quality public school education for students in Chicago and Illinois. Their mission includes helping parents become advocates for their students and working with More Than A Score to help combat issues surrounding standardize test scores.

PURE: Parents United for Responsible Education

Is a grassroots organization made up of parents with children in the Chicago Public School District. This organization supports and expects high quality public education for all children by informing parents about education issues and parents’ rights, bringing parents into the decision making process, empowering parents to be advocates for their children, and helping parens with their interactions within the school system.

More Than A Score

More Than A Score is a well know grassroots organization in Chicago that is comprised of parents, students, teachers, and community members who are unsatisfied with the testing in Chicago Public Schools. They hope to generate more questions and spark conversations regarding standardize testing in Chicago Public Schools.



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