Guidelines – Apartment for Rent

مرحبا يا شباب،

In pairs or in groups of three you will prepare a 10- minute video project that we will show in class. Think of your project as a long skit.  But instead of acting it live, you will have the time behind the scenes to film it, add audio-visual effects and choose scenes.

Topic: Using the vocabulary from Lesson one in addition to the extra vocabulary on housing on BB, you will structure your video around an apartment context (renting out, owning, having having greedy in-laws who look for an expensive condo  تأسيس البيت و المهر الكبير big dowry for their daughter , living with your in-laws becuase you cannot affort a separate place….etc.) All participants should speak for the equal time.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Pick an eye-catching title for your video clip.

  2. Pay attention to grammar structures and focus on using the appropriate verb patterns.

  3. Verbs create context and enrich style. Try to use verbs and minimize your usage of simple short nominal sentences. When you think of a sentence, think of verbs, adjectives describing the nouns you may be using, and perhaps adverbs indicating time or place. This way, you build your language proficiency, construct complex patterns and talk at a paragraph level, not a sentence level.

  4. Use the appropriate connectors and infuse your dialogue with the appropriate cultural expressions.

  5. It is alright to mix “Fusha” with one of the spoken dialects or more (Iraqi, Shaami, Masri …)

  6. Watch the housing-related videos in Lesson One and try to make something similar.

  7. Pronunciation is the façade or face value of any language. I expect you to be conscious of your enunciation. It should be clear and articulate.

  8. This is a collaborative project and I would like you all to do the work equally. You work together to write the script, review it, then assign the acting roles. You could divide the logistical tasks among yourselves based on your convenience: who will be the ‘the camera man’, who will choose locations, who will bring props … etc.

  9. You will be able to make your video once I edit your scripts. You must avoid the mistakes I would fix. Maintaining the same mistakes in the final video after being corrected will affect your final grade on this project.

  10. Watch the links below of a group of CASA (Center for Arabic Studies) students learning Arabic in Egypt (2011-12). It is in Masri but I am sure you could still connect with it! It might inspire you with some ideas.



You are going to upload your video scripts (scenarios)  along with your videos using this link.

For the writing section, please use ‘google’ doc. so that I could edit your writings before filming the videos.

 You will write the script together (in pairs or in groups) which is worth 3% of the writing component of this semester.

You will also have to post a constructive and thoughtful comment (20 -25 words) on your other classmates’ video(s).

Due Date to submit the video recording: Friday March 26

Due Date to submit comments on Videos: Tuesday March 30th.